1. Nanomaterial Synthesis, Patterning, and Transfer

Nanomaterials synthesis using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), including 1D materials such as nanowires and carbon nanotubes, 2D materials such as graphene, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs).

Figure 1. Cross-section SEM images (inset TEM image) of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNT), made by CVD.

Large area nanomaterials patterning using Laser Interference Lithography (LIL), Ink-jet Printing, Nanostencil Lithography.

 Figure 2. Simulation and experimental results of LIL nanopatterns with periods ranging from 200 nm to 1.5 µm.

2. Additive Manufacturing of Nanomaterials

Additive manufacturing using processes such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM), Direct Ink Writing (DIW).

Materials including polylactide (PLA), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), ceramics (alumina, etc.), and carbon nanomaterials could be used with our 3D printers.

3. Applications in Sensing and Energy

Stretchable electrodes developed for energy storage and sensing applications, including stretchable supercapacitors, strain sensors, etc.

Stretchable electrode (rGO-VACNT hybrid):

Stretchable Electrodes, Flexible Supercapacitors, Strain Sensors, etc.

Figure 4. Seamless graphene-CNT supercapacitor.


Name Application
1 Lindberg/Blue M™ Mini-Mite™ Tube Furnaces (TF55035C-1, Thermo Fisher SCIENTIFIC) Quickly heat up and/or cool down samples with this convenient and flexible portable  Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ Mini-Mite™ Tube Furnaces, insulated with Moldatherm. Microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control provides optimal thermal processes without overshooting.
2 Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Basic Stirring Hotplate: Ceramic Tops (11-100-49SH, Fisher scientific) heating and stirring in environments between 4℃ to 40°C (39° to 104°F).
3 Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ Basic Magnetic Stirrers (1110016S, Fisher scientific) stirring from  60 to 1200rpm
4 Vacuum drying chambers (VDL 23, BINDER)
5 PowerGen 700 Blade-type Homogenizer (GLH-115, Fisher scientific) This is a general purpose variable speed blade-type homogenizer. It processes high viscosity (up to 20,000cps for volumes <2L) and tough animal tissue samples in a wide range of volumes (0.05ml to 10L). Generates 700W of shaft output to power generators from 5 to 35mm in diameter.
6 Elix 5 Water Purification System (ZLXS6005Y, Millipore) The pure water solution for the essential needs of laboratory
7 METTLER AE240 Balance (AE240, Precision scale&balance) The Mettler Toledo AE240 Balance offers dual range for 40 grams and 200 grams. A simple, reliable balance, the AE240 features easy calibration with a simple lever and leveling screws. For the 40 gram range, expect readability of 0.01 mg with ±0.03 mg linearity. For the 200 gram range, expect readability of 0.1 mg with ±0.02 mg linearity.
8 BRAINWEIGH (B3000D , Precision scale&balance)
9 High Capacity, High Efficiency Vacuum Inlet or Exhaust Trap (355040, MASS-VAC) Protects oil-sealed vacuum pumps and dry vacuum pumps;Remove corrosive and abrasive particles that can destroy your vacuum pump;Processes such as LPCVD, PECVD, ALD, MOCVD, Metal Etch and HVPE;Modular design makes the unit easier to disassemble and clean;Element replacement is fast and easy;Water or refrigerant cooling option is available. Requires 5 filter elements in stage 2 and 5 elements in stage 3
10 xPH-100 Power Hub Basic (, Simplex Connect) The Power Hub Basic is a mass flow device multi-channel readout power supply and controller.
11 CPXH Series Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath (15337418, Fisher scientific) Cleaning(40KHZ, 5.7L,99 minutes or continuous operation)
12 Isotemp oven (13246506G, Fisher scientific) The Fisher Scientific Isotemp 506G incubating oven is designed for everyday laboratory use.he Fisher Scientific 506G is constructed out of heavy gauge steel an Aluminum chamber.  The door opens up to a 180° for easy unload and load of samples.  The analog controls of the incubating oven are situated in the front allowing for easy access.  The Fisher Scientific 506G maintains constant temperature uniformity and is a reliable incubator.
13 Rapid temp furnace140207 (Bloomfield. N.J)
14 Rapid temp furnace700846  (Bloomfield. N.J) Max:1700
15 High Temperature Tube Furnace 54500 (Thermolyne)
16 Glove box(manu)