We are looking for motivated postdocs and graduate students for AM related projects

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students and undergraduate students to join the group.

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Programs

Alfred University offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). The M.S. program emphasizes hands-on studies that enable graduates to readily move into careers ranging from applied research and development to plant operations and technical management. The Ph.D. program offers a blend of theoretical and applied studies enabling graduates to tackle fundamental problems in materials science and engineering. Our Ph.D. graduates are employed in academia, national labs, and industry with careers in education, research and development, and technical management.

Alfred University is well recognized as a leader in ceramics and glass education and research for over 100 years. Collectively, our Ph.D. programs in Ceramics, Glass and Materials Science and Engineering are ranked among the top 50 Materials Science and Engineering programs in the nation. We are also recognized among the top 20 specialized research institutions in applied science.

Postdoc Positions

We are looking for motivated postdocs for AM related projects, with mixed background in material science and mechanical engineering preferred.

Please send Prof. Ding (dingj (AT) your CV if you are passionate about our research interests.

Prospective Graduate Students

Our group is highly interdisciplinary and we welcome extremely motivated students with a diverse background such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc. to join the group.

Currently we don’t have funding to support additional graduate students. You may seek funds from your governments or other funding agencies.┬áPlease send Prof. Ding (dingj (AT) your CV if you are passionate about our research interests.

Current research interest focuses on additive manufacturing (AM) and the applicants in nanocomposites, biosensing, and ceramic materials.

Undergraduate Students

We have a few spaces available for undergraduates. We welcome highly motivated undergraduate students to join our group as a research intern.

Please email Prof. Ding to arrange a discussion.

Visiting Students and Scholars

We welcome motivated visiting scholars to join us. Please feel free to contact Prof. Ding.